Want to make a bigger impact in your business and help more people?

You're in the right place.

We help service providers to bring in new clients every week using our Purple Kaizen sales methodology

We educate, empower and equip you and your staff to book in an extra 3-5 big client meetings each a week. And do business together.

I'm Lorraine,

I'm the principal coach at Purple Kaizen and we help service providers to take on more clients through our transformational sales methodology.

If you’re like me, you have a real heart to help people and you've spent a lot of time and money growing your business. You'd now like to get some shiny new faces through the door so you can make an even bigger difference. You know that you're a legend in your professional field but could benefit from some expertise when it comes to booking meetings with your ideal prospects and translating them into clients. Or perhaps you'd like to take on a team to do it for you?

I'm all about empowering the people who need your help most to run across the finish line when it comes to making their purchasing decision...

Sales Coaching and consultancy for business owners

Sales Training and Management for Young Appointment Setters

Sales Mastermind for entrepreneurs and freelancers

One of our clients, Awesome Training Ltd* had a junior staff member book 5 transformative consultations within a few short weeks of working with me. We used a lot of the same principles that I learned at Disney, Siemens and the BBC to simply make a few tweaks here and there and off she flew - booking meetings with dream clients. Happy as a mongoose.

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I have gained in confidence, learnt how to implement new strategies and goal setting where I've taken on new clients that brings forth growth. It was a real joy!

Charlie Fleet, Designer at Creation 26