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As a service provider, we want to provide as much value to our prospects so they can make an informed decision while purchasing. But oftentimes, this ends up driving our prospects away.

And it's disheartening to see prospects who end up buying from companies with cheesy hard pressure sales tactics when you've spent ages educating them and helping them already....

I'm Lorraine,

I'm the principal coach at Purple Kaizen and we help business owners to take on more clients through transformative consultations.

If you’re like me, you're driven by passion and you may feel giving away ENORMOUS value. I used to beat myself up because as an arts educator, I was offering SO MUCH advice, I couldn’t get my head around why potential clients were going with another provider when I knew that they weren't getting the best results...

And then I made a major discovery...

The “gurus” will have you believe that you need to create tonnes of content, free E-books and "lead-magnets" to have a hope in hell of engaging new prospects. NOT TRUE.

The “marketers” will convince you to build complicated systems that have you and your clients jumping through hoops before you've even started. WRONG AGAIN.

And that “little voice” will tell you that it's hopeless and that no-one wants to buy from you anyway so perhaps you should give up on the business and go and get a “proper-job”. NOPE.

Do you know what?

Sales doesn’t need to be exhausting, stressful or manipulative.

It can be simple. Transformational. Fun

And you’re so close to delivering this transformation.

Most of us already have the right idea, there's just a few missing pieces of the puzzle...

Value-based selling is the absolutely the way to deliver this transformation. BUT it’s done through connection and clarity, instead of delivering education.

We go to the doctor to get a diagnosis and a prescription, we don’t go there to get a masterclass in medicinal DIY.

You CAN feel absolutely awesome and authentic in your meetings.

You CAN have all the lovely clients working with you that you so desire

You CAN charge the right amount for the transformation you deliver

You simply need the right skillset, support and systems in place (and also understand the “SY-chology” behind it)

If you’d like to get your calendar all chocka-blocky with some nice appointments this week, you can get started here

One of our clients, Awesome Training Ltd* had a junior staff member book 5 transformative consultations within a few short weeks of working with me. We used a lot of the same principles that I learned at Disney, Siemens and the BBC to simply make a few tweaks here and there and off she flew - booking meetings with dream clients. Happy as a mongoose.

Benefit from our experiences with...

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I have gained in confidence, learnt how to implement new strategies and goal setting where I've taken on new clients that brings forth growth. It was a real joy!

Charlie Fleet, Designer at Creation 26

*Awesome Training is of course not their real name, we are just super discrete and big on confidentiality