Intern Management Services

Train your interns to become an army of appointment setters without any of the headache of having to manage them

As a business owner taking on an intern, you might expect to free up some valuable time AND bring on bright young talent to grow your business....

It's can be a super cost effective way to recruit driven, motivated and intelligent team members to take your vision to the next level.


In reality, you find yourself even busier than before AND you can't grow your business because they haven't been able to train your hot recruits properly

The employer ends up wasting a lot of time spinning their wheels, trying to teach them everything they know as soon as possible but just ends up giving them "menial" tasks to do that doesn't really add any value to anyone. The interns feel a little bit flat, deflated and de-motivated, thinking they're going to get an amazing educational experience and instead they're just treated as cheap labour.


Purple Kaizen's Outsourced Intern Management bridges that gap...

Meet our Interns

Diksha has a masters in business psychology. She wanted to use her knowledge and skills to make a difference in the world of business but no-one would give her a chance because she didn't have any relevant experience. After attending our internship programme that taught her how to bring in leads, she took on 7 new clients for Purple Kaizen within 10 days. She now works as a freelance coach for us and has helped one of her clients take on 25 new clients in 6 weeks.

Desi has a masters in business strategy and despite being extremely talented, she knew that the best way to even get her foot in the door would be to pursue an internship. She took part in our internship programme and learnt how to book appointments for the company before progressing to work as an associate coach. In her first few weeks, she posted a single engagement post that brought in 21 new leads and she closed three of them. 1 of whom has just celebrated her first 10K month.

Above & beyond a regular internship programme...

  • Income generating activities that are meaningful for the intern and profitable for the employer

  • Employer can be as “hands-off” or “hands-on” as they like depending on your management style

  • Your business benefits from the latest business development strategies from leading coaches and consultants

We train your interns to:

  • Generate Organic Leads with Email + Social Media

  • Nurture Qualified Prospects

  • Book Meetings and Consultations

  • Follow up for conversion

  • Make data driven decisions using CRM

How does it work?

  • On-board your intern using your usual process

  • Sign up yourselves up to the employer and intern digital programme

  • Sit back as they complete their 12 week “on the job” training and turn up to the meetings they book for you

  • Check their progress and KPIs in your employer portal

  • We host twice weekly meetings for interns and fortnightly employer sessions (open invite) over Google Meet

What do our employers say?

"I have been impressed by how “hands-off” I’ve been able to be, andHow I’ve really appreciated seeing the transformation in Alisa. She has really excelled in the role and as a natural flair for bringing exciting client, partners and stakeholders into the business. Every week she sets a number of really important meetings for us that we have then turned into clients and she continues to improve week-by-week. I’d highly recommend the training, management and coaching services that Purple Kaizen provides "

What do our interns say?

"My internship with Purple Kaizen has been an incredibly rewarding experience for me... The training process was seamless, easily understood, and digestible.

I was able to learn how to gather leads and market myself with authority. I never felt as though I was being thrown in the deep end because if I ever came across an issue, Lorraine was instantly there to help me and guide me through solutions. I always knew I had a wonderful team in my corner as I was doing practical work and gaining REAL experience.

That was the most amazing part of this internship was the real experience and knowledge I was able to gain, while some peers had internships doing simple admin work I was working with real business owners. Truly an amazing opportunity."

A case study...

Lia runs a Specialist Clinical Trials Training Company and originally enlisted Purple Kaizen to consult for their B2C sales conversions. Having got great results, they quickly realised they would need a dedicated sales staff member to book more meetings.

Rather than recruiting a senior sales professional, they had wanted to give an opportunity to a promising young lady, Monet who was interested in sales and marketing but they didn’t have the time or the expertise to train her from scratch.

Purple Kaizen taught her our signature sales system and booked 5 B2C consultations for them in her first week of making calls! She is now bringing an average of 3-5 B2B meetings a week for the company, including major pharmaceuticals

Practical Considerations

  • You can use existing interns/junior staff or recruit using our recommended suppliers

  • Interns must be signed up for internships lasting at least 3 months

  • You must allow interns to attend their training and do their tasks so they can generate revenue for you

Some Useful Comparisons

Here are some of the alternatives that you may be considering to increase your sales team and grow your business...